Coaches At the Table Community


Coaches At the Table is the community of professional life coaches trained by At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services, LLC. It also includes certified coaches from other organizations. Support, professional development training, event partnerships, and camaraderie are some of the benefits provided by the community..

Quarterly Workshops


The quarterly workshops provide a platform for the coaches to build public speaking skills.

Coaching Community Event Partnership


Our coaching community promotes event partnerships. 

Green-Up with Coaches At the Table

Self-Care - The Key to Harmony


Work/ Life harmony is an ongoing battle. That harmony hinges on self-care. While the coaches are encouraged to share their coaching skills, they are also encouraged to  take care of themselves. 



Online coaching training programs will be released! More news to come.

Teleconference workshops are available year round. Topics include: 

The Curtain Opens (public speaking prep)

The Essential C Experience

So You Want to Write a Book

Funnel Vision

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When I think of Coach Tribble and the Life Coaching program, one word stands out to me "gift."  Coach Tribble is a gift to the world. She has been a great inspiration in helping me achieve my dreams. She always ask me those thought provoking questions to help me dig deeper. After each coaching session, I am always at peace and very motivated to move forward with the next step. Life coaching was a necessary step that I needed to take in my life.  I am so grateful that my path crossed with Coach Tribble. 

~ Coach Lakisha Williams